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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DD Cold Chain specializes in offering top-notch cold chain delivery services, ensuring that our customers can send fresh and frozen products with utmost reliability and within the committed timeframe.

Our services include:

  1. B2C Cold Chain Delivery: We provide cold chain delivery services for customers within Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, ensuring that your products remain at the desired temperature throughout the journey.

  2. Shopee 3PL Integrated: Our services are seamlessly integrated with Shopee’s third-party logistics, streamlining the delivery process and enhancing the shopping experience for both customers and sellers.

  3. Fulfillment: We offer fulfillment services to efficiently manage your inventory and ensure timely order processing and delivery.

  4. Storage: Our cold storage facilities are equipped to safely and securely store your products at the required temperature.

  5. Chartered Truck: We provide chartered truck services to cater to your specific delivery needs, ensuring the integrity of your products during transportation.

  6. Business to Business Cold Chain Delivery: Our specialized B2B cold chain delivery services are designed to meet the unique requirements of businesses, ensuring that your products are delivered safely and on time.

  7. Point to Point Cold Chain Delivery: Our point-to-point delivery services guarantee that your products are transported directly from the source to the destination while maintaining the necessary temperature conditions.

At DD Cold Chain, we are dedicated to upholding the quality and freshness of your products during transit. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet your cold chain logistics needs, providing you with a reliable and efficient solution.

Business use: we require you to register for an account with us before you order.

It’s very easy for you to register an account with us, it takes no time at all and it’s absolutely FREE!


For Long-Term Transportation:

We highly recommend registering an account to facilitate seamless order placement and account management for your long-term transportation needs. Registration is completely free and provides you with convenient access.

For personal use purposes, we offer the following convenient option: You can visit any of our cold chain stations to easily send your shipments. Our stations are located across various areas, offering you flexible sending options to ensure your goods are safely and promptly delivered to their destination.

We are committed to providing you with a more convenient and efficient logistics experience, making your long-term transportation smoother and more reliable.

Personal use: You may also can Walk in to the nearest Branch or station to ship your shipments.

Simply go to sign up and fill up the online registration form. You will receive a verification email.

You may check this PDF for your reference.


We offer specialized storage solutions to maintain the integrity of your products:

  1. Refrigerated Storage (0-5℃): Our refrigerated storage facilities are designed to keep your products at a controlled temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius, ensuring that they remain fresh and in optimal condition.

  2. Frozen Storage (-15℃ to -18°C): For products that require freezing temperatures, our frozen storage facilities maintain a consistent range of -15°C to -18°C, preserving the quality and safety of your frozen goods.

Recharge Amount: RM1000

You will enjoy the RM18 to RM20 Offshore Delivery Discount Package, which will be valid for the next year.

This discount package is applicable to box dimensions with Length + Width + Height < 90CM.

For more details about this promotion, please visit our promotion page: https://dd.express/promotion/

If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us

We offer a versatile range of cold chain logistics solutions that cater to various products:

Supported Products: Our services accommodate a diverse range of items, including seafood, desserts, pre-cooked food, freshly made ramen, frozen sauces, and more.

Pre-Cooling: Prior to collection, all items are required to be pre-cooled, ensuring an optimal starting temperature for transportation.

B2C Last Mile Delivery: For B2C last mile delivery, we employ a fleet of vehicles including normal cars, bikes, and trucks, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of your products to customers.

B2B Cold Truck Delivery: Our B2B delivery services utilize cold trucks, guaranteeing that your items are transported in controlled temperatures. Please note that a minimum charge is applicable for this service.

Packaging Requirements: Items must be packaged strictly in Polystyrene Boxes accompanied by ice bags only. We cannot assume responsibility for defrosting caused by packaging other than Polystyrene Boxes with ice bags.

Vacuum Packing: Frozen items are required to be vacuum packed to prevent leakage or odor, ensuring the integrity of your products throughout transportation.

Temperature Segregation: To maintain the quality of your items, only one type of temperature-controlled item is allowed in each box. Mixing different temperature items in a single box is not permitted.

Packaging must be strictly in Polystyrene Box with ice bag only and we are not liable for defrost cause by packaging other than Polystyrene Box with ice bag

Absolutely, we prioritize the safety and integrity of your items throughout the transportation process. To ensure the utmost protection and prevent any potential damages, all items must be securely and thoroughly packed. Our commitment to maintaining the quality of your products is paramount, and we take every precaution to prevent any unwanted incidents during transit.

If you have any specific packaging requirements or guidelines that you would like to discuss or implement, please feel free to provide us with those details. We are dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that your products are packaged to the highest standards and arrive at their destination in perfect condition

Shipment Outbound Schedule:

From KL/PJ to Northern:

  • Departures: Every Monday to Friday
  • Route: DD Petaling Jaya Station → Kampar→Ipoh → Kuala Kangsar →Taiping → Penang (Destination)

From KL/PJ to Southern:

  • Departures: Every Monday to Friday
  • Route: DD Petaling Jaya Station → Seremban → Malacca → Muar → Batu Pahat → Yong Peng → Kluang→ Simpang Renggam→ Johor Bahru (Destination)

For Shipment Drop-off at PJ Office:

  • Please ensure that shipments are dropped off at the PJ office at least 1 day in advance.

Warehouse Opening Hours:

  • Petaling Jaya warehouse operates from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Shipment rate and coverage please refer here

DD Cold Chain Coverage

DD Cold Chain Coverage

Insurance coverage is not available for frozen or fresh items.

Currently, DD Cold Chain provides coverage within Malaysia and Singapore, excluding islands and remote areas.

We apologize, but we are unable to offer refunds for unused credit in the promotion top-up package.

For pick-up services, please get in touch with us at 01133881306 to make arrangements. Please note that pick-up charges will be applicable based on your location.

For delivery orders below RM100:


  • For distances up to 15KM: RM15.00
  • For distances over 15KM: RM1.00 per kilometer

To calculate the fare, you can use our Fare Calculator at: https://www.ddexpress.ml/ddexpress/fareCalculator

To ensure a smooth pick-up process, we kindly request you to submit a pick-up request form.

For B2B pick-up requests using a cold truck, the starting rate is RM50.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

As for Temperature Controlled Delivery any claim must be made within 1 hours upon receiving the items.

(Any Shipment received within 24hour , complaint will not valid , all shipment must be pre-cool and well pack in polyfoam box for B2C to door delivery)

The required documents include
Application form
Copy of bank account statement
Copy of the consignment bill
Original tax invoice to verify actual price of the content
Tax invoice of consignment bill
Any other required supporting documents, email to customer service centre of DDE at [email protected]

Claims are limited to one claim per Consignment Note. Maximum RM100

We will not act on any claim until you have paid all transportation charges, and you may not deduct the amount of your claim from those charges.

We reserve the right to recall the damaged Shipment from you as a condition of compensation.

Compensation of RM100 for items shipped with our DDCold Chain services shall be given in the form of DD credit voucher for the order.

We are pleased to offer Cold Truck to door delivery services with a minimum charge starting from RM150. For further details and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer service team. They will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with all the information you need.

Ice cream is a sensitive product, and its delivery requires adherence to the following guidelines:

  • Prior approval from the company is required for the delivery.
  • Dry ice must be used for insulation during the delivery.
  • Next-day delivery service must be selected.
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements, resulting in melting or thawing of the product during delivery, will not be eligible for any compensation claims.

To ensure your ice cream products are delivered in optimal condition, we strongly recommend strict adherence to the above delivery guidelines.

欢迎选择DD Cold Chain滴滴冷链物流运输,我们专注于为您提供全面的冷藏物流服务,覆盖各地区,以满足您的需求。我们的服务范围广泛,涵盖了各种冷藏物流需求,为生鲜电商和需要温度控制运输的生产厂家提供更优质的解决方案。


  • 完善的冷藏物流线路,覆盖全国各地,确保您的货物能够安全、稳定地运输到目的地。
  • 我们提供高质量的服务,同时以合理的价格为您提供最经济实惠的解决方案。
  • 我们专注于满足蔬菜、水果、肉类、海鲜、鲜奶、餐饮食材等各类产品的冷藏需求。





  • 全西马冷链物流运输
  • 新加坡冷链物流运输


  • 全马快递包裹
  • 新加坡快递包裹

Shopee 第三方物流运输:

  • 开通Shopee 第三方物流运输


  • 网上下单与系统对接,轻松便捷
  • 实时订单追踪,随时了解货物状态
  • 遍布各地区的代理站点,为您提供更全面的服务




对于个人用途的客户,我们提供以下便捷选择: 您可以前往我们各个冷链站点,方便地寄送您的货物。我们的站点遍布各地,为您提供灵活的寄件选项,确保您的货物能够安全、准时地送达目的地。






您将享受出外坡 RM18 -RM20 派送优惠配套,此优惠将在接下来的一年内有效。

优惠配套限于 装箱尺寸长+宽+高<90CM




RM18 的配套有限制覆盖范围,必须符合条规,建议电商/网播平台/出货频密的顾客注册此配套


支持的产品范围: 我们的服务适用于多种商品,包括海鲜、甜点、预烹食品、新鲜制作的拉面、冷冻酱料等等。

预冷处理: 在收集之前,所有商品都需要进行预冷处理,确保在运输过程中保持最佳起始温度。

B2C 末端送货: 对于 B2C 末端送货,我们派送车队,包括普通轿车、自行车和货车,确保您的产品高效、准时地送达顾客手中。

B2B 冷藏车运输: 我们的 B2B 送货服务采用冷藏货车,确保您的商品在受控温度下运输。请注意,此项服务会收取最低费用。

包装要求: 商品必须严格采用保丽龙盒子搭配冰袋进行包装。对于因包装未使用保丽龙盒子搭配冰袋而导致的解冻问题,我们不承担任何责任。

真空包装: 冷冻商品需要进行真空包装,以防止渗漏或异味,确保商品在运输过程中保持完整性。

温度隔离: 为保持商品的质量,每个盒子内只允许包含一种类型的温控商品。不允许将不同温度的商品混合放置在同一个盒子内。




  • 我们仅接受【正确打包】的商品进行处理,对于因不当打包导致的解冻问题将不受理赔。请您在此注意。
  • 如果您无法遵循此项规定,可能需要暂时取消下单。


  • 请使用保温袋搭配冰袋来保持商品冷藏状态。
  • 在纸箱上务必标记“Frozen”以示区分。





运营时间:星期一至星期五 路线:DD Petaling Jaya 站点 → 芙蓉 → 马六甲 → 东甲 → 麻坡 → 东甲 → 永平 → 峇株巴辖 → 居銮 → 柔佛(终点站)



运营时间:星期一至星期五 路线:DD Petaling Jaya 站点 → 怡保 → 太平 → 新邦安拔 → 北海(终点站)




滴滴冷链的派送服务覆盖西马来西亚和新加坡地区,但不包括偏远地区或岛屿,请点击链接查询 HEREhttps://dd.express/rate-chart/

DD Cold Chain Coverage

DD Cold Chain Coverage







到门提货服务费用如下: 以滴滴冷链物流站点为起点计算, 订单金额低于RM100,提货费用为RM15起,超过15公里按每公里RM1的费用计算。

具体收费标准可查看提货计算器:https://www.ddexpress.ml/ddexpress/fareCalculator 若需上门提货,请务必填写提货请求表格,以避免遗漏。





  • 与当地代理负责人联系。
  • 提供短片视频和照片作为证据。
  • 保留货物以供检查。


所有赔偿将以信用凭证表(CREDIT NOTE)的形式进行。




  • 派送必须提前获得公司的批准。
  • 派送过程中必须使用干冰进行保温。
  • 必须选择隔天派送服务。
  • 若未遵守上述要求,导致产品在派送途中溶解或解冻,我们将无法受理任何赔偿申请。