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Claim procedure & Terms and Conditions of DD EXPRESS Carriage

The terms and conditions purposely or espouse touchstone terms and conditions either particularly or by criterion terms DD EXPRESS carrying standards.

Imperative Notice
Please study all terms and conditions cautiously.

Terms and Conditions DD EXPRESS Service

Given terms and conditions of service are applied between sender’s DD EXPRESS and customer using DD EXPRESS services. These are according to the Treaty on Form CB no.11.

1. Documents/parcels imperative: DD EXPRESS, as in Article 13 & 14 CB of service Terms and Conditions, gives the full guarantee about the loss and damage of documents.

2. Items that could not be posted: There are several items or things prohibited as instructed by the government. It is recommended to take care while contacting DD EXPRESS to post these documents. DD EXPRESS will not take the responsibility to transport these items. The service will not take these documents if told by the customers. However, the service will not be responsible for the circumstances if any customer tries to post prohibited items using DD EXPRESS. We are using a highly professional attitude to handle the transportation of items but it is requested to keep the instructions in mind.

3. Ruling out banned items from posting: Items banned or prohibited by the governments can only be posted using DD EXPRESS if sender provides a declaration letter issued by a responsible authority. It is recommended to bring the issuance letter given by the government or autonomous body clearing that all measures have been taken to ensure safety of the hazardous materials.

4. Sender’s responsibility on shipment: Customers are completely responsible for the quality and condition of perishable products, cosmetics and chemicals. The service will not guarantee the transportation of these materials as expected by the sender. It is recommended to ensure that these materials will not lose quality during the shipment process. Senders are also fully liable for the shipment of jewellery and glass products. There is no claim option on breakable materials. DD EXPRESS will not take the responsibility of shipping these products unless the sender signs a form clearing the situation.

5. Packing and wrapping: The sender will pack the products or materials before shipment. DD EXPRESS is not responsible for the shipment packing. Senders are expected to pack the materials according to the nature of materials. Packing of glass materials or breakables should be done in order to ensure safety. DD EXPRESS will not pay any claim unless sender proves that damage was caused because of the shipment service.

6. Statement shipping content: The sender will give statement about the shipping and normal content before signing the shipment form. DD EXPRESS will not be responsible for any damage or loss if the posting content was incorrect or incomplete. Senders should carefully check and write the posting content in order to maintain the safety of shipment.

7. Claims/Insurance: Senders who are interested to use insurance services should notify DD EXPRESS about their plans. The service will consider insurance on shipment if senders provide relevant documents signed by the responsible authority. DD EXPRESS will not take any responsibility of insurance terms and conditions. On the other hand, the service will not pay for the insurance claims. It is sole responsibility of senders to choose the insurance companies or plans carefully.

8. Delivery Guarantee: The service is fully responsible for the delivery of the shipment on time assigned. However, this guarantee depends on the information provided by the sender (address of receiver, telephone or email address).

9. Money Back Guarantee: The service will not pay any return charges if postal address provided by the sender is wrong or incomplete. There will be no compensation if the shipment was delayed due to international routes. However, the DD EXPRESS will pay the charges such as return charges if the shipment was not delivered properly. The service will also take responsibility of shipment damage or loss during the procedure.

10. Conditions beyond control: The service will not be considered liable for the conditioned beyond control, to wit;

(A) Storms, earthquakes floods and other natural disasters,

(B) War, political disputes

(C) Burglary or fire

(D) Items captured by the custom authorities due to incomplete documentation. DD EXPRESS will not be answerable for the cause of these events. Senders are fully responsible to supply required information in correct manner.

11. Exemption guarantees: Service doesn’t bear the following and not limited to,
(A) Loss circuitously (indirect loss),
(B) Meandering damages (momentous damages),
(C) Other indirect events (indirect cost),
(D) Loss of agreement prospect, profits or revenue of the losses. However, the service will pay for the claims if sender proves careless handling of products.

12. Complaints damage: The sender or receiver must claim or report any damage to shipment within 24 hours. However, these claims will not be considered by the DD EXPRESS if submitted without reading the above-mentioned terms and conditions. Senders are expected to check all the instructions carefully before making such claims.

13. Claims for damages: The claims for damage will be entertained by the DD EXPRESS if sender proves the careless handling by our service. Claims must be according to following

(A) All the claims should be made within 7 days. DD EXPRESS will not pay for any loss or claim made after 14 days.

(B) Provide valid ID and submission documents clearing the claims.

14. Maximum claim payment: The sender will not be able to make any claim if the information provided on submission form was incorrect. Senders are instructed to check the shipment information carefully when signing the submission forms.

(A) Actual amount as mentioned on CB Form

(B) Actual amount on Form CB based on the net value of products

15. If any of the above unauthorized utilization: DD EXPRESS will take actions if there are cases which have not been discussed in the above mentioned terms and conditions.

Claim documents:

1. Delays: Written statements containing information about problem via email [email protected]

2. Loss, Damage, or missing claims; written application with C/N.

Damage report with actual value of product.

3. Shipper’s criterion claim managing time

4. Working days. It demands on time submission, required by the insurance companies.